“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

We believe capital can work to benefit all of society. We’re passionate about innovation — in finance, technology, and all aspects of business and life. And we are strong believers in responsible capitalism to empower individuals, companies, countries, society, and humanity.

Empower Capital is an ESG Capital Addvisory offering expertise and strategy advice around Capital Markets, Technology, and Policy/Strategy.

With offices in Washington DC and Rome, Empower offers data-driven, process-based ESG services across, capital markets, technology, and regulations fulfilling the space between capital markets, and the future of decentralized technology.

Our principals come from traditional banking, International Financial Institutions, and ESG backgrounds from some of the leading organizations in the world; we’re innovative, knowledgeable, and flexible.

Our mission is to build trust and partnership with our clients and with younger generations to bridge the service and knowledge gap of impactful and lasting investment decisions.


Based on market conditions, risk landscape, and innovative approaches, Empower Capital responds to the ESG capital needs of our clients and partners. Whether executing an IPO, a green debt offering, or a leveraged buyout, we integrate our expertise in ESG disclosure, benchmarking, scoring, risk modeling, and Investment Banking to offer advice and sophisticated solutions.

Global Sustainable Assets

$6.3 Trillion in 2021


$380 Billion in 2021

ESG AUM 2025

Expected to exceed $50 Trillion

ESG Investment Growth

Over 10X growth from 2018 to 2021


We believe in responsible capitalism.

Alpha-generation and capital preservation are guided by our principles of improving environmental, social, and governance. ESG issues are of utmost importance to how we approach investment. We have set up an Advisory Group that connect global issues, such as climate change, water scarcity, or human rights, to the organization’s operations, strategy, and risk profile – and Empower Capital provides subject matter expertise for third party financial firms for best ESG practices, rating, and reports.

Solar Global Fund is the dedicated fund of Empower Capital for investment in solar energy in Central and South America. SFG conducts exhaustive due diligence on selected projects, and supplement multinational institutional funding for solar energy projects in the geographical areas of investments.


Insights in policy and strategy

Having advised over 20 countries and Central Banks on how to design ESG and resiliency strategy, Empower is a pioneer in supporting governments, financial institutions, corporate investment programs, and products that are compliant and anticipate ESG policy requirements.

We develop ESG strategies that fit organizations’ culture, aspirations, and market trends.

While Empower has unmatched experience on climate risk, the team is focused on providing balanced advice across ESG, ensuring that social and governance issues are prioritized leading to job creation, safety and accountability.


Having led and advised technology companies across transport, logistics, energy, and finance for over 20 years, Empower principals act as integrators bringing mature high-impact technology solutions to the market.  In so doing, we are able to accelerate business growth for both traditional and innovative businesses.


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